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When sleeping, he would let out a “wheezing” noise – it scared us so much that we quickly took him to emergency…we were so worried.SOUR: When I'm with family, sometimes there will be instances where “sourness” (jealousy) comes into play.But Mo-Sai's plan to put the waiter's incredible memory to use at the mahjong tables runs across opposition from the formidable Auntie Fei (Yuen Qiu), Wong's boss and keeper -- and a zealous anti-gambling crusader.Although Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) growing “Pinnochio nose” was a hot topic of discussion recently, the growing controversy also boosted her popularity.Seeing our son “stick” to his mom so much or seeing my wife spend more time taking care of our son than me…I sometimes wonder why?So that’s why I always do some self-reflection and sometimes will remind my wife that maybe it’s time to take a vacation again so we can both re-energize and find balance.Prior to donating money, I would show my son the picture of the child I’m sponsoring and explain to him how the child doesn’t have water to drink – then I would ask him why don’t we donate some money?Of course, he is too young to understand right now; when he sees the picture, he will only say “BB, BB”….however instilling in him the mindset of helping others starting when he is so little, we find joy in it…within “bitterness” we can still deliver a positive message.

As for her love life, since breaking up with businessman Nam Wai Kit (藍偉傑) in 2008, it was rumored that Tavia started dating TVB colleague, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) in 2009.Professional gambler Chi Mo-Sai (Yuen Wah) is on a losing streak until he happens upon Ah Wong (Roger Kwok), a waiter at a local diner.In idiot savant-like fashion, Wong has the unerring ability to hear and repeat complex food orders.Translation: llwy12 Roger Kwok and Esther Kwan talk about their experiences filming “The Season of Fate” After “The Intangible Truth” in 1994, “When A Man Loves A Woman” in 1995, and “Crepe Queen” (ATV series) in 2002, Roger Kwok and Esther Kwan collaborate for the 4th time in “The Season of Fate” (currently airing).Though Roger and Esther filmed their first series together 16 years ago and their last series together was 8 years ago; now when they get together, even after 8 years, the chemistry is even better than before.

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However, Lai Lok Yi hoped to improve his relationship with Tavia’s mother.

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